Our staff honors the unique strengths and challenges of each of our clients, while working to enhance life skill, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships.


Deborah Wingrove

Social and Behavioral Studies

Deborah is majored in Social and Behavioral Studies and has more than ten years of experience with New Day Institute. She is a certified Domestic Violence Facilitator specializing in Psycho-Educational Group Education. Her approach towards teaching is centered on developing a comfortable rapport within the group. This promotes a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where group members are able to discover commonalities and esDeborah Wingrove


Jamila M. Franklin

Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT).

Jamila M. Franklin naturally immerses herself within a widely diverse community and assists individuals in need by applying academic knowledge and genuine experiences acquired as a group facilitator and an achieved professional skill set, while forming a solid foundation within the world of psychology.

Her knowledge of program coordination and development, client and group outreach, relationship building techniques, and administration relations makes Jamila more effective as a graduate student pursuing the licensing clinical hours required for Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT). A unique desire to be actively involved adds to her genuine concern as to the development of psychotherapy, an inquisitiveness of potential areas of expansion, a challenge to enhance the study of counseling psychology, and to improve upon how individuals are affected.

Jamila has gained impeccable business experience, strong communication skills, exceptional leadership tools, successful relationship building techniques, and real-life familiarity as a community liaison, mentor and coach. Such unique experiences will provide powerful insight as to what can be accomplished to improve our society and way of life; especially the underserved populations and underrepresented demographics, by reaching one individual at a time.

Group facilitation experience includes Domestic Violence, Parenting, and Anger Management groups for both men and women, as well as English and Spanish therapeutic sessions. Jamila prefers an eclectic therapeutic approach to ensure the most appropriate clinical modality is utilized at appropriate moments. She has been trained in diverse demographic communities, such as LGBTQ, members of the “At Risk” population, Adult, Juvenile, and Family Court participants, Social Service recipients, Faith Based Organizations, Gang Affiliations, etc. She is a member of California Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) and Psi Chi Honors Society in Psychology.


María de Jesús Núñez-Flores, M.S. – IMF #51384

Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern

Professional Experience and Areas of Special Clinical Interest / Experiencia Profesional:

María de Jesús Núñez-Flores is a bilingual counselor helping individuals, couples, and families for over five years. The advantage of receiving bilingual counseling with María de Jesús is not only her ability to speak Spanish but also her knowledge of both the Hispanic and American cultures. In addition, María de Jesús has worked
with issues such as a child abuse, domestic violence, adolescent behavior management and parenting training, with an emphasis in rational issues between parents and children. She also offers group therapy for people who were ordered by court, such as Domestic Violence / Anger Management and Parenting.

Her Experience in Therapy Includes / Experiencia en Terapia Incluye:

Couples & Individual / Parejas e individual
Pre-Marital / Pre-matrimonial
Family / Familia
Divorce recovery / recuperación de divorcio
Child Victim / Victimas de niños
Court-ordered counseling (adults and teenage problems) / por order judicial para adultos y adolescentes
Men’s issues / para hombres con problemas de expresar afecto, conducta negativa, inestable, y tensión nerviosa
Post-Traumatic Stress / estrés post-traumático
Self-Esteem / aumentar la auto-estima
Survivors of Abuse (including sexual abuse and adults molested as children) / para adultos sobrevivientes de abuso sexual
Women’s issues (menopause, postpartum, premenstrual sindrome) / para mujeres con problemas de menopausia, después del parto, y sindrome premenstrual
Hispanic Cultural issues / problemas de adaptación en la cultura Americana
Parenting Education / educación para padres
Co-parenting / enseñanza cooperativa para padres en divorcio/separación (por orden judicial)
Domestic Violence / Anger Management / Violencia doméstica y control de ira
Credentials, Certifications, and Training / Credenciales, Certificaciones, y Entrenamiento:

M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of La Verne
Maestria en Matrimonio y Familia, egresada de la Universidad de La Verne
Law degree, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Licenciatura en Leyes, egresada de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Domestic Violence Certification
Certificación en Violencia Doméstica
Parenting Training
Entrenada para educar padres a mejorar la comunicación con sus hijos
Entrenada para enseñar a padres divorciados/separados a cooperar en la crianza de sus hijos (por orden judicial)
Professional Memberships / Miembro de Asociaciones Profesionales:

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
Inland Empire-California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (IE-CAMFT)
Language(s) Spoken: English and Spanish / Ingles y Español


Nadine Rubio IMF#87742

Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern, PCC-Training

Nadine Rubio is bilingual, providing services in English and Spanish. She obtained an AS in Child Development in 2003
from Chaffey College, a BA in Psychology from University of Phoenix in 2012, and MFT and PCC from National University. Nadine is certified by the San Bernardino County probation Department as a group facilitator since 2004. She is trained in Gestalt therapy and certified Community Health Worker for LGBTQ community.

Nadine has been working for over 10 years at New Day Institute as a facilitator, experienced in facilitating psycho-educational group for over 10 years. She has experience facilitating groups such as Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Parenting, and child abuse as well as Individuals. She also has experience working with the youth population mainly with court mandated clients, gang prevention and intervention, anger management, and petty theft. Nadine is cultural competent and has a wide experience working with diverse cultures, and backgrounds.

Her desire and passion to help others is what brought her to this fascinating field. Every individual, their case and needs are unique and should be treated with genuine support, care, guidance and encouragement.

Modalities: CBT, Psycho-educational Group Therapy, Humanistic Perspective, as Person Centered and Gestalt therapy.


Robert Sega

Master’s in Arts Psychology (Concentration in Marriage Family Therapy) MFTI

Robert recently completed the Master’s program in June of 2014, he is currently applying to the Doctorate program at the Rosemead School of Psychology. Currently he works as a Job Developer for the Department of Rehabilitation, for the counties of San Bernardino and Riverside. Assisting consumers that have different disabilities that keeps them from finding employment. Working with different backgrounds those with Mental Difficulties, as well as those suffering from dysfunctional Social Interaction.

He facilitates mandated groups that are court order for Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Anger Management, Parenting, and Sexual Offenders.

In Feb of 2015, he taught a 16 hour course on “Sickle Cell Awareness” and the beginnings of the trait. This course brings some much needed insight to what Sickle Cell is, the disease versus the trait, and the key physical symptoms associated with this disease.

- Adjunct Professor for San Bernardino Valley Community College (Human Services)

- Facilitator for court order mandated groups on, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Anger Management, Parenting, and Sexual Offenders (S.O.)

- Job Specialist Department of Rehabilitation (San Bernardino/Riverside County)

- Life Skills Coordinator for the S.E.G.A. 7

- Job readiness coach (Assisting students/consumer prepare for job placement, resume writing, cover letters, bringing your “A” game, dress for success, time management)

- Advocate Trainer/Facilitator for Sickle Cell Awareness

- Sports Blog Talk Radio Co-Host

The S.E.G.A 7, is an area for more Mental Toughness. The S.E.G.A 7 (Student Enrichment for Growing Athletes) is geared more towards the “Mental” and the “Life Skills," aspects of what all athletes go through on a daily basis. Allowing to teach these young-student athletes that the sport they play, usually is 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental. To be able to implement simple life skills and bring awareness to our student-athletes.

Robert currently co-host a sports blog radio shows on Thursday evenings from 7:30PM-8:30PM. They speak on different topics, from sports, to finances, politics, life, personal/professional concerns and most importantly the Mental Awareness necessary to bring forth strong successful athletes and empowering them and the people around them.